Our history

Founded in 1983 by Dr. Jacques Hébert, immuno-allergologist, the Applied Research Centre in Quebec allergy is a medical clinic for easy patient access to specialists and a research center that participates in the development of new treatments. CRAAQ quickly becoming a leader in this field.

In 2003, Dr. Rémi Gagnon, immuno-allergologist, joins the ranks of the team as a sub-investigator and in 2014, he became the owner. From that date, the CRAAQ will now be called Clinique Spécialisée en Allergie de la Capitale (CSAC).

Under this new name but with the same expertise and professionalism that the company is continuing its clinical and research activities. In 2015, we move our site to the new place design specially for us to reach the high standard of quality.

Our team

The strength of our team will make the difference for you!

As each member invested his strong experience in clinical research for the success of your project. A team of implicated investigators for which the protection of subjects and supervision of the study is paramount. A nurse dedicated to the recruitment and 6 experienced coordinators working together to give you  clinical data of quality when they are required.

Our independence allows us to deal with important questions without intermediaries and use a central ethics committee, which greatly promotes a fast start-up. 

Rémi Gagnon, MD FRCPC
General Director and principal investigator

Dr. Rémi Gagnon completed a Master in Science (Microbiology / Immunology) in 1992 and then completed his medicine studies at Laval University. He spent 3 years at McGill University to complete his specialized training in Allergy and Immunology in 2003.

He is currently Head of the Allergy and Immunology Service of the Laval University Hospital Center (Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec) since 2007, president of the Association of Allergists and Immunologists of Quebec since 2011 and was Director of Continuing Professional Education for the same association from 2007 to 2011. Dr. Gagnon has published a dozen articles in recognized peer-reviewed journals. 

He is involved in more than 100 clinical researchs as sub investigator since 2003 and become our principal investigator since 2016.

Jean-Philippe Drolet, MD FRCPC
sub investigator

Dr. Jean- Philippe Drolet completed his medical degree in 2004 and a specialization in pediatrics in 2007 at the Laval University. In 2009, he completed his specialization in clinical immunology and allergy at McGill University. In addition he completed a fellowship in fundamental research in 2010.
Since 2009 he has a general practice  in adults and children and he is responsible for clinical and basic immunology teaching for students of the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University.
He is also a speaker of several conferences in asthma, food and drug allergies.

He is involved as sub investigator since 2016 with the CSAC. 

 Jacques Hébert, MD FRCPC
Research Director and sub investigator

Dr. Jacques Hébert completed his training (MD) at Laval University and spent three years at the University of Pennsylvania to complete his specialty training under the supervision of Drs. N. Abdou and B. Zweiman.  He was Head of the Allergy and Immunology Service of the Hospital of the Laval University (CHUQ) from 1998 to 2007, Senior researcher at Rheumatology and Immunology Research Center of the CHUL 1986 to 2000. Clinical Associate Professor at Laval University, led a fundamental allergy research team and was responsible for the training of over 20 graduate students and published more than 150 articles in recognized journals.


He was co-chair of an international conference on the regulation of IgE "New horizons in allergy immunotherapy" with Dr. A. Sehon and with Dr. T. Bowen, Canadian Consensus on the treatment of hereditary angioedema (HAE). He has delivered a large number of local, national and international conferences.

Dr. Hébert was also a member of the board of the Canadian Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Chief Scientific advisory committee of the Canadian Association of immunocompromised patients (Canadian Immunodeficiency Patient Organization (CIPO)) and the Canadian Society for hereditary angioedema (Canadian Hereditary angioedema Society (CHAES)).

He is involved in more than 450 clinical researchs as principal investigator and sub investigator since 1983.

Finacial director
Mathieu Ouellet, CPA CMA 

The budgetary aspect of clinical research protocols is supported by a dedicated certified accountant.

Team leader
Marie-Claude Joly, RN

The research work is supervised by a nurse with extensive experience in clinical research. She is in charge of the complete supervision of the protocols through distribution to coordinators until the close of the study. 

Clinical research assistant
Lucie Potvin, B.A.A

The CSAC works with a clinical research assistant who coordinates all regulatory aspects of research protocols. She serves as the primary liaison with stakeholders and oversees all communications in connection with the operation of protocols (Ethics committee, regulatory documents, etc.).

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Our expertise

More than 30 cumulatives years in clinical researchs of phase II -IV in:

- food allergies (including food challenge)

- asthma (mild to severe)


- allergic rhinitis

- atopic dermatitis

- immunideficiencies

- angioedema

Our equipment

Our site is completely equiped to performe the major requets you can have.

- spirometries

- rhinoscopy


- fridg / frozer -20 and -80

- crash cart 

..... and more....

acces to :

- X-ray

-CT scan 

..... and more....

Any question ? We will be happy to discuss with you!

2600 Boul. Laurier suite 880

Québec, Québec

G1V 4W2

Téléphone: 418-659-7741

Télécopieur: 418-780-1583

Heures d'ouverture:

Lun-Ven : 8:00 à 16h30 

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